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Our Team

Katja is the founder and owner of Rufflife. She currently has 3 dogs of her own, Cash, a Puggle, and Billie and Trillion, both Cane Corsi. Billie and Trillion love to go to dog shows and Billie even appeared in NYMagazine in 2015. Katja, her husband Jason, and their two daughters live in Westchester, NY and provide in-home country boarding to Rufflife's growing client base. Katja founded Rufflife in 2009 as a dog walking service and has since hired an experienced team of walkers and sitters for the Brooklyn neighborhoods in order to now be able to expand and offer boarding services as well. Katja frequently commutes to Brooklyn to ensure walkers are properly trained and equipped as well as for boarding pick-ups and drop-offs.

Naomi has been working as a dog walker and pet sitter with Rufflife for 5 years and covers mostly the Fort Greene area of Brooklyn. She also manages the Brooklyn team. 

Naomi grew up around Allentown, Pennsylvania among many adopted strays and foster dogs. She loved going on hikes with them and taking them to swim in the woods. She came to NY to attend Sarah Lawrence & get my B.A. in Literature and stuck around after. Brooklyn has been her home ever since. When she's not with her four-legged friends, she still likes to be outside--especially to bike by the Hudson & to get caught up on some fiction in the park. When not outdoors, Naomi often goes to dance at the local Mark Morris Dance Center or meets friends to check-out a new coffee spot (She's kinda snobby about coffee (:)




Eli recently graduated from S.U.N.Y Purchase with a degree in jazz percussion.  After briefly returning to his hometown of Northampton MA to spend some time with his family and beloved yellow Labrador, Flower, he decided to make the leap and move to Brooklyn, where he currently resides.  When he is not spending time with his furry clients, Eli enjoys stand-up comedy and can be found performing at open mics across Brooklyn and Manhattan.  He dreams of one day making it to the big stage!

Eli has been with us since 2015.



Renie has been with Rufflife for 7 years. She has been walking dogs and cat sitting with us part-time and full-time the entire 6 years. She is also a talented artist and teaches art to children. Renie has a beautiful herding mix dog named Paloma. 




Matt has been walking dogs with us since 2015 and is well-loved by his canine and human clientele. He is a musician and music producer when not showcasing his talent as a dog walker.




José was born and raised in Brooklyn, but also spent a few years in the Caribbean.Growing up his main interests were in arts and animals, so while he was in art school he was also working as a veterinary technician. He spends most of his time outside of work either biking around with friends, hiking with his dog Phantom, or working on new art projects.

José has been working with Rufflife since 2015.